Premium quality anti slip grit tape are an excellent and economical choice for most general purpose indoor and outdoor requirements for slip resistant tape

For a DURABLE & RELIABLE result.

  • Manufactured from a durable 60 grit aluminium oxide formulation.
  • Easy to apply anti slip high traction safety tape that applies firm traction and durable protection.
  • Our traction tapes adhere to clean and dry surfaces including metal, sealed wood and sealed concrete. Resistant to water and many chemicals while providing excellent slip resistance.
  • Superior embedded grit technology for extended wear. Various glass combinations, combined with the uPVC frame significantly reduce outside noise.


Suitable for light to heavy shoe traffic areas including:

industrial areas | ramps | dock areas | walkways | stairways | work areas | construction machinery industrial equipment | trucks & trailers | RV’s | hazardous floors | boat decks | sailing | snowmobiles residential | stair nosings for both visual warning and anti slip protection.

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